Orthopedic + Pelvic Floor
Mobile Physical Therapy

I help active women in their 30's-60's get rid of pain, stiffness and weakness to keep exercising and enjoying life!

3 Step Process



Time to get to the root of your problem and eliminate what is causing your pain, stiffness or weakness and limiting your optimal health.



Engage your correct muscles to build strength, endurance and flexibility. Engage in healthy habits. Engage in what you love to do.



Prevent further injuries and learn how to stay healthy and pain-free with education and coaching specific for you so you can stay active!

This Is For You If...

You want to be able to workout without leaking or running to the bathroom.

You are a runner who needs to keep running for your stress and mental outlet.

You are a tennis or golf player wanting to be able to enjoy these sports for a long time.

You are a crossfit athlete wanting to improve your skills and stay injury-free.

You are a parent wanting to stay active with your kids despite injuries and pain.

You are new to exercising and want to improve your fitness level without injuries or set-backs.

You have an old injury that never fully healed and you don't want any limitations on your workouts.

You want to stay healthy and active as long as possible in this life you've been given.

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Dr. Caitlin Raymond, PT, DPT, OCS

Hi! I'm glad you're here.  I started Engage Physical Therapy to help active women stay active without needing surgery, injections or meds. I truly believe our bodies are made to heal and recover, but sometimes they need a little push in the right direction.

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