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Best Exercise for an Achy Lower Back


Watch the full video HERE!

First of all, however you're doing them I'm glad that you are doing this form of exercise--LUMBAR EXTENSION.

Many of my clients that come to me with Lower Back Stiffness or Pain are limited in this motion. I believe the main reason is that we tend to SIT way more than STAND or be in an extended position. I like to even ask my clients, when was the last time you laid flat on your stomach?? (Yes, TUMMY TIME for adults is important!!)

As you will see in the video, this repeated movement is GOLD for many types of Low Back Pain or Stiffness presentations. It loads your lumbar spine and helps with gaining more extension range of motion there which we need for standing and moving.

The main differences from Cobra Pose or other forms of Press Ups:

-Lead by pushing with your arms, keep your lower back and glutes relaxed

-It's ok if your hips come off the table

-Don't lift one vertebrae at a time, focus on pushing through the arms

-Let your stomach release and let go to "sag" and get a deep stretch

-Use your exhale to really let the lower back fall and release

-Last motion is extending your neck to further the extension in your spine

If you are currently stiff/hurting/sit a lot or potentially getting pain into your hips or legs, this can be super helpful for you! This is even one of the best exercises if you have been diagnosed with a disc herniation. Repeat 10x on the hour for max benefits!

As always if you are experiencing pain or stiffness, you would benefit from a COMPLETE evaluation by a Physical Therapist. Your lower back may be where your symptoms are located, but may not be the main cause of your issue. Reach out today by email ( or call/text @ 615-982-4062.

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