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Healthy Shoulders for Life

Most of us want to be able to function at our highest level currently and in the future. Just think for a moment--what if you no longer could use one of your arms?

How that loss of function could affect your ability to drive, to reach up and change the light bulb, to hug your significant other, to lift groceries, to lift your kids, to use a computer easily, to exercise how you want to....

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We only have one body and it's important we take care of it best we can, so we can fully engage with life!

There are 3 Key Concepts for keeping your shoulders healthy for life:

  1. Mobility

  2. Flexibility

  3. Strength

Mobility is joint movement at its basic definition. For your shoulders it means all of the joints around your shoulder need to be able to move through a certain degree of range of motion to prevent injury. The more range of motion you have, the better you are protected from injury.

Flexibility is how well your muscles lengthen. For the shoulder joint specifically, it's important certain muscles are not limiting your range of motion. For example, your pectoralis major or "pec" is a powerful internal rotator and it needs to be able to lengthen so it does not limit your external rotation.

Strength is the ability of your muscles to withstand pressure or force. In general, we think of strength as the ability to move objects, to push, to pull and lift things. Our shoulders need specific strengthening so they function properly and don't create pain or injuries. It's VITAL to keep strength training as part of your weekly routine.

Thank you for checking my post out. More posts on the way for specific ways to improve your mobility, flexibility and strength!

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