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I Help Softball Players Perform at Their Highest Level, Dominate on the Field and Stay Injury-Free.

Glove and Ball

Are you dealing with a nagging injury that is inhibiting your softball performance?

Did you have surgery and you're looking to get back on the field?

Are you looking to prevent injuries during softball?

Are you tired of needing to ice your shoulder?

Have you lost any power throwing or hitting?

Do you want to continue your career in college and want to be at your peak?

As a former Division I Collegiate Softball Player myself, I know what it's like to play through pain. I know what it's like to rest my arm to save my throws for when it counts. I know what it's like to tweak my back or hip but play anyways. As a Physical Therapist now, I wish I knew what I did early in my softball career. I could hardly throw by my senior year in college, which was supposed to be my best year!

I am here to be your coach and guide through an injury and get you back on the field safely and stronger than before. I'm also here for you if you're looking to prevent injuries and learn ways to strengthen your body specifically for softball. I want you to play this sport at your highest level for as long as you can!

Common Conditions I treat in Softball Athletes:

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Shoulder Impingement

  • Elbow Pain

  • Bicep Tendonitis

  • Back Pain or Weakness

  • Rotator Cuff Dysfunction

  • Knee Instability or Pain

  • Hip Pain or Weakness

  • Core Weakness

There are several ways you can work with me:

  • In-person Sessions in the Chattanooga Region

  • In-person Sessions at your Home or Practice Field

  • Group Sessions with teams or small group

  • Virtual sessions

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