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Your Low Back Pain May be from Weakness in your Low Back!

Many people I talk to who experience lower back pain on and off tell me they know their core is weak or they should be working on their core more.

Core strength is important, but I argue that many times my clients who experience low back pain have significant WEAKNESS in their lower back itself.

Think about it...if the muscles around the spine are not doing their job (either not firing like they should or "sleepy"), then more force will be demanded on the discs, ligaments and other structures of the spine. Muscles should be the main transmitter of force in our bodies, so when these other structures take on a greater load then they should pain can occur.

Many of us in our Western culture are SITTING way too much during the day. This means the lower back muscles can become more lengthened or stretched out, which means they are less effective at doing their job of holding us up or moving heavy objects!

Key muscles that need to be strengthened for the Low Back include:

  • Multifidus

  • Erector Spinae

  • Gluteus Maximus

Examples of 3 exercises I often recommend to strengthen these muscles are below:

1. Back Extensions

2. Hip Thrusters

3. Deadlifts

All of these 3 exercises work all 3 muscles to increase your STRENGTH in your back,therefore create RESILIENCY in your back.

Truth is, low back pain does happen...but it doesn't have to happen as often! Strength truly provides protection from injury.

Try these out and if you feel like you want to learn more about the root cause of YOUR pain, reach out to me directly at or 615.978.4062!

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