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How Practicing Gratitude Improve Your Health

This is the time of the year where we all tend to pause, reflect and (hopefully) find areas of our life we are grateful for. Did you know that practicing gratitude on a daily basis can significantly improve your health??

Choosing gratitude can improve:

  • Your immune system

  • Your sleep

  • Your mood

  • Your relationships

  • Your work

  • Your blood pressure

  • Your pain levels

Our minds need to be trained as our inherent wiring in our brain will look for the negative experiences and hold on to those. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to replay the huge mistake you just made versus celebrating the happy news you just received?!

Try implementing any of the following practices below and see what may change in your life:

  • Write in a Journal: It doesn't have to be major writing, but a quick jotting down of something you are grateful for or brought you joy that day will allow you to reflect on it on days you can't seem to find anything. It could be as simple as something funny one of your kids said.

  • Tell Someone You're Grateful: How easily we take for granted the people we have in our lives...and how saying just a few simple words can make their day. If you are grateful for someone, tell them.

  • Reflect Before Bedtime: Take time as you're in bed or getting ready to reflect on your day and 3 things you are grateful for. Not only can this bring you more peace before bedtime, but it will start the following day on a positive note.

Remember it all comes down to our choices. We have a choice to choose gratitude and change our health for the better.

Aches or pains limiting you from doing the things you love? Reach out, I'm here to or 615.982.4062.

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